Fishing in St Lucia 

St Lucia is a small town on the East coast of South Africa. The town is surounded by the ISIMANGALISO WETLAND PARK which is a Unesco world herritage park.

St Lucia is known as the fishing mecca of South Africa. We spot Whales, Turtles, Whalesharks and birds out at sea whilst fishing. This is one of only a few places in the world where you will be able to spot the big 6 on the same day.

Most gamefish are caught between the backline of the surf and 50m deep. This include Queen mackerel (SCOMBEROMORUS PLURILINEATUS). These fish are plentyfull on our coast from May to November with most cathes being made in Sept and October.They grow up to 12 kg in weight. Huntington drone, Clarck spoon, Sards and other small lures works best. Drop shot and spinning, using small spoons is a winner. Remember, the lighter the tackle the more strikes you will have. It is rare to catch these fish deeper than 20m.
King Mackerel (SCOMBEROMORUS COMMERSON) is the bigger and stronger mackerel in our waters. They grow up to 45 kg and are most plentyfull from December to April. The bigger fish are caught during winter when there are less fish. They are fierce fighters and the prime gamefish for anglers in Zululand. Live bait and sardines on drift or slow trolling work best to catch these fish.
Dorado (CORYPHAENA HIPPURUS) is a fast wide ranging fish with the most amazing colours. They are fast growing and reach 40 kg. It is caught by trolling bait or lures. We catch these fish from November to April. They make exeedingly good eating.
Yellowfin Tuna (THUNNUS ALBACARES) are being caught all year round. The biggest caught off St Lucia weighed 107kg. Most is in the 7kg range.Rapala or Halco works well. Most fish are caught deeper than 40m on the reefs.These are exellent fighters on medium or light tackle.
Most edible fish with teeth are landed. We promote release of billfish that were not injured during the fight, provided that they can be revived successfully.